Nexosis EDU

Machine learning for learners

What is Nexosis EDU?

Machine learning is a popular area of interest for students around the planet — from Ohio to Oslo to Oman.

Recognizing that interest, we created Nexosis EDU -- a program that supports students (and the people supporting them) in their quest to learn machine learning.

We provide educational content geared for learners, special access to the Nexosis machine learning platform to help put your learning to work, and friendly interactions with our team members who love to teach and share knowledge.

Nexosis EDU gives…

  • Students, parents, teachers, organizers, and schools free utilization of our machine learning platform.
  • Access to our team of Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and other experts, who (as you might imagine) love to nerd out on this stuff.

Who is EDU for?

All students -- from junior high and high schools, to universities, code bootcamps, hackathons, and beyond.

  • Students: enroll in Nexosis EDU, connect with peers, and start learning.
  • Parents: we’re here to support you in nurturing your child’s interest in ML.
  • Educators: enroll a class, club, cohort, etc, incorporate our ML into your curriculum, invite our ML experts to guest lecture.
  • Organizers: our tools, resources, and people available to participants in your hackathon or other event.

Learn more about Nexosis EDU and how you and yours can benefit, by clicking “Learn With Us” below or emailing us at

How does EDU work?

Set your course: tell us about your machine learning aspirations, and we'll suggest an appropriate learning launch point.
Learn machine learning: access our videos, lessons, e-books, tutorials, or attend an event.
Do machine learning: use our machine learning platform (for free) to facilitate your learning.
  • Signup for your free Nexosis Community account
  • Upload datasets (or we'll pre-load data into your account)
  • Make discoveries, solve mysteries, and witness machine learning's potential to change the world.
  • Our special EDU package will keep your invoice at $0 and let your learning go wild.

Machine learning together

Our friends at DigitalOcean surveyed the developer community and found “only 17% of respondents worked with artificial intelligence or machine learning in 2017, but of those, 73% plan to learn about these technologies in 2018.”

1.8 million people have enrolled in my Machine Learning class on Coursera since 2011

– Andrew Ng

Co-Founder, Coursera;
Adjunct Professor, Stanford Univ

Nexosis exists because of this technological movement. We can’t wait to see what the young, bright minds of Earth will create with ML.

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