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Why We Love Standing Desks

April 18, 2017 @ 12:33 PM | Musings


Stand up if you can't live without a standing desk at work. Our entire team has one so I asked around to find out exactly why we love them so much. 

We think standing desks are a work staple. If you don't believe us, advocates claim they improve posture, increase life expectancy and provide a host of other benefits. Read why we love our standing desks below. No, we didn't include the obvious reason that they make it easier to dance while working.

It's healthier. Programming is an extremely sedentary job and I've always been fairly health conscious. So, I like that a standing desk gives me a healthier option than being plunked down in a chair for 8 hours a day. I've also found since I started using my standing desk that I like to move around a bit while I think. A standing desk lets me do that more easily.

-Craig, Engineering

I have back and hip issues, so being able to stand helps to prevent back and hip pain that I get from sitting for long periods of time. It's healthier for the human body to stand vs sit all day, and I’m all about making healthy decisions! Standing and being able to move around a bit also helps me to maintain energy throughout the day.

- Jenn, Operations

A standing desk keeps my wrists and legs from getting stiff. Having an adjustable work surface lets me dial in the right height, where regular desks are always too short. Then I can keep my head up, instead of looking down too far, and keep my wrists level and straight.

- Zach, Engineering

It's nice to be able to work either sitting or standing. I've sat at a desk for years so having the option to change throughout the day helps keep creativity up. It's also great when calling over a coworker to look over your shoulder because there's no need for them to bring a chair.

- John, Engineering

Standing desks definitely boost employee creativity and productivity. Combine them with our API and you'll be on track to build something epic. 

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