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Upgrade Packages, XGBoost & Bug Fixes

December 14, 2017 @ 1:00 AM | Release Notes


  • Monthly paying customers now notified of payment issues.
  • Existing paying customers can upgrade packages to higher tier.
  • Historical Invoices now available on Account Page
  • XGBoost algorithm now used in Classification and Regression


  • Made sure to always get prediction count for forecast/impact sessions.
  • Removed Prediction Interval Array with 0.5 classification from Session Results .
  • When using Batch Predict, null item no longer causes Error.
  • Refined Error Message when creating a forecast session when there's not enough historical data.
  • API Gateway no longer fails on large Session results.
  • Fix issues where Scaling mean metric exceeds Int64.
  • Fix when Date Features Cause Error on Model Predict.

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