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Resources, Technical

The Steep Learning Curve of Machine Learning

October 3, 2017

Machine learning is hard. So where do you start if you want to master or at least understand?

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Resources, eBooks

The Business of APIs eBook

September 30, 2017

Download our Business APIs eBook to learn how APIs save time and money, while fostering innovation.

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Resources, Infographics

Infographic: In-House Development vs. API Timeline

August 29, 2017

Discover how APIs make building machine learning applications easier and faster. Download the In-House Development vs. API Timeline Infographic.

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Resources, eBooks

Talk Like a Data Scientist eBook

January 19, 2017

Download Nexosis' free eBook, Talk Like a Data Scientist. Learn basic machine learning concepts and realize the potential it has to drive profitability.

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Resources, Terminology

What are Autoregressive Models?

January 12, 2017

Autoregressive models are a fundamental class of time series models.

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