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Nexosis @ Work & Play

Announcements, Community

Join the Machine Learning for Humans Facebook Group

April 5, 2018

We are slowly and surely building up something special to support you on your journey of navigating machine learning: the Machine Learning for Humans Facebook Group.

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Technical, Community

Machine Learning With Couchbase and Nexosis

February 28, 2018

In this guest post Matt Groves, a Developer Advocate for Couchbase, shows how you can combine the Nexosis Machine Learning API with Couchbase Server.

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Musings, Community

How Product Hunt Showed Us the Power of Community

February 3, 2018

The Nexosis API was recently hunted on Product Hunt. It was a pleasant surprise that showed us the power of community.

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Announcements, Community

Introducing the Nexosis Community Forum

January 16, 2018

As a step toward further uniting our growing community, we have created a Community Forum that is now open to machine learners everywhere.

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Announcements, Community

Nexosis Introduces a Free Community Tier

November 27, 2017

The beauty of any community is that innovation from one member can inspire and spark ideas in others. A free community tier enables this process to play out.

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