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Stir Trek 2017 Recap

May 8, 2017 @ 5:06 PM | Events

Stir Trek 2017

We went to Stir Trek on Friday and had a blast talking to developers about our machine learning API. It was an exhausting yet rewarding day because we had a lot of API interest. The best part was learning business problems developers encounter that our API can potentially solve.

Overall, we had an overwhelming positive response to our API and it's safe to say that the "Wheel of Doom" and brains were hits. Most of the developers we spoke with were working in the Midwest which made the entire Stir Trek experience even cooler. Read what our employees who attended thought and see photos from the day below.

I've been to a number of Stir Treks over the years as an attendee, but this was the first time as a sponsor. It's been amazing to see the conference grow, and it really showcases the excitement and energy of the tech community in this region. This time around I got to be on the receiving side of some of that energy, and it did not disappoint. I left exhausted and energized in equal measures, and am looking forward to helping folks solve new and interesting problems with our platform.

- Craig

Stir Trek was an excellent opportunity to mix and mingle with technology leaders in Columbus. From consultants to developers, start ups to Fortune 100 companies, everyone had something special to share and a unique perspective on machine learning.

- Evan

Stir Trek was exhausting and wonderful. It was great to interact with different developers and brainstorm with them about how to integrate the Nexosis API into their solutions.

- John

John-Talking-1.jpgJohn explaining the Nexosis API to intrigued attendees. 

Booth-Line-2.jpgWe had a line at our booth all day which equated to a lot of raffle entries and API sign ups!

Cozmo-Drawing.jpgJohn drawing the lucky COZMO robot winner.

Stir-Trek-Team.jpgThe team at the end of the day. Can you tell we're exhausted?

As you can see, we were pretty busy all day. We're excited to showcase our API to everyone who signed up for early access.

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