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Nexosis Introduces a Free Community Tier

November 27, 2017 @ 4:28 PM | Announcements, Community

Our team is committed to creating an amazing user experience and fostering community innovation. For these reasons we're introducing a free community pricing tier. Get the full scoop below.

The details

The introduction of a free community pricing tier has been a long time coming as part of our ongoing efforts to foster the Nexosis API community, and we are really excited to now share it with you!

The details are simple: once you create a Nexosis account, you automatically get access to our machine learning API and have the ability to create models, make predictions, and join our community support forum for free. This plan is perfect for the developer who wants to experiment with machine learning in a side project outside of work or even at work. You can find more specific plan details here. 

Why a community tier?

Since launching the Nexosis API in July, ensuring our user community has a solid foundation has been a journey - we first hired a veteran community management team, then honed our knowledge at the CMX Summit in Los Angeles, and most recently announced our Community Code of Conduct. Behind the scenes we have been proactively gathering feedback from our users to discover new ways to make our community experience better. A couple things we have learned:

  • Simple pricing plans make it easier for our users to predict monthly costs.
  • A free tier encourages our user community to innovate without bounds.

It was only natural that the next phase of our community evolution is a pricing revamp. One of our company values is autonomy, meaning we are self-starters who thrive on freedom, innovation, and good judgement. We want our users to feel autonomous as they transform their ideas into realities and the last thing we want is the cost of our API to prevent this from happening.

The beauty of any community is that innovation from one member can inspire and spark ideas in others. This is our ultimate goal with the free community tier and we're excited for what the future holds.

So there you have it, a free community tier just for you - the tinkerers, builders, and makers of the world. We can't wait to see your machine learning innovations.

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