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Nexosis API Postman Collection Now Available

December 22, 2017 @ 10:08 AM | Announcements, Technical

We're excited to share that the Nexosis API Postman Collection is now available to our users. Think of it as our holiday gift to you!

What is Postman?

If you don't already know Postman it is a tool that allows developers to explore and try RESTful APIs or test ones they build themselves. In fact, we use it to test our API every day. It has an intuitive user interface with which users can make HTTP requests without writing a lot of code, enabling them to easily test API functionality.

How it benefits our users

A Postman Collection lets you group individual requests together and organize them into folders. It is the quickest thing to update when we roll out new features, as opposed to our various client libraries, which usually lag behind for a couple weeks. Users will be able to get familiar with new API functions and try them out before clients are complete.

Postman has a stellar community, which is what we strive to foster amongst our users. The Nexosis API Postman Collection will benefit our community in a few ways:

  • Streamline documentation viewing.
  • Encourage more experimentation.
  • Provide early adopter access to new API features.

Access the GitHub repository containing the collection for the Nexosis API.

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