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Nexosis acquired by DataRobot

July 10, 2018 @ 9:05 AM | Announcements, Press

It is with great enthusiasm that today we announce the acquisition of Nexosis by DataRobot.

I would like to personally thank our great community of developers and customers for the support and feedback over the years. It has been truly amazing seeing what you’ve been able to build.

First, rest assured that Nexosis will not be shutting down any of our services. We will continue to support you, and if anything we will be able to do this even better now that we’re part of the DataRobot family.

Together with DataRobot we’ll be able to provide the best automated machine learning experience to developers in the world. DataRobot and its best-in-class team have created the category for automated machine learning, which makes it possible for developers to leverage machine learning and AI technology to automate processes and extract insights that deliver bottom-line benefits, even without access to data scientists. In the coming months we’ll begin to show what we’re working on together, and trust me, it’s amazing.

We will continue to invest in creating an inclusive community, where developers and others with a passion to build can come together and share ideas. It’s through this community that world-changing innovation happens. Machine learning is an incredibly powerful achievement in technology, and when we couple that with developers’ natural spirit of building, the sky isn’t the limit, the stars are.

I, and the entire DataRobot team, cannot wait to see what you build in the future!


Ryan Sevey
CEO & Co-founder

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Ryan Sevey

Ryan is the Co-founder and CEO of Nexosis. He keeps the team focused on what matters most; keeping customers and investors happy.