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New Employee Spotlight: Stephen Steen

May 16, 2017 @ 10:31 AM | Spotlight


Meet our new VP of Sales, Stephen Steen. He comes to us from Buffalo, New York with nearly 20 years of both engineering and business development experience. We are obviously happy to have him join us.

What's your guilty pleasure?

I love really, really, really great coffee. Like, really great coffee. I'm excited to take in the Columbus third wave coffee scene and officially geek out. I hear it is amazing! Public Service Announcement: Don't ruin your coffee with flavored "creamer." Hint, it isn't creamer. #protip

If given a chance, who would you be for a day and why?

Easy, my wife! I mean come on, she is amazing. Why wouldn't I want to be amazing for a day!? Who could beat that…being TOTALLY AMAZING!!! #browniepoints #winning

What's one thing on your bucket list?

Climb Kilimanjaro; still really tall, but less risk of death than Mount Everest. I love extreme activities and training for them: marathons, Tough Mudder, etc. Climbing Kilimanjaro would be a nice feather on the cap.

What are you excited about at Nexosis?

I really love the technology gap Nexosis fills around automation and easy access to machine learning. There has been a huge barrier for companies to add machine learning due to the shortage of data scientists. It is very exciting to be able to make data scientists significantly more productive and provide developers easy to add access to machine learning algorithms through our API. Most important of all, what a great team!

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