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New API Endpoints: Column Statistics and Feature Importance

March 19, 2018 @ 1:57 PM | API Updates

Nexosis API users can now retrieve column statistics and feature importance for exploratory data analysis prior to building a model.


Column Statistics - Users can now retrieve Column Statistics after a Dataset is uploaded. Column Statistics provides statistics like the mean and standard deviation for each feature, information on errors relative to the chosen data type, and a distribution of values within the column. It also suggests a data type and gives users the ability to retrieve statistics if the data type is changed.

Benefits to users:

  • Conveniently view feature statistics for better analysis.
  • Errors reveal inconsistencies in data before model creation.
  • Engineer new features based on statistics.

Feature Importance - Users now get Feature Importance in Session results. Scores are between 0-1 and features with a score of 1, or close to 1, are the most important to the target.

Benefits to users:

  • Enables users to conduct exploratory analysis and understand feature/target relationships.
  • Cutting out features that aren't important reduces dataset size and helps train a better model.

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