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Marketing Impact On Facebook Page Likes

August 3, 2017 @ 10:50 AM | Technical, Use Cases


Jason wrote a tutorial using our API Java client library to forecast what would have happened to our Facebook page likes had we not changed our marketing approach vs. what actually did happen. It's a Nexosis API use case that shows the power of using machine learning in marketing to understand what's working and by how much with greater precision. 

Last quarter we ramped up our marketing efforts on Facebook and saw a spike in the Nexosis page likes. I thought it would be interesting to use our API to do a forecast of what likely would have happened had we not changed our marketing approach vs. what actually did happen. I wrote a simple tutorial to illustrate how to use Impact Analysis in the Nexosis API to measure the impact of marketing changes on Facebook likes over a period of time using Facebook data. The tutorial uses the Nexosis Java client library.

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Jason Montgomery

Jason is the CTO and co-founder of Nexosis. He oversees and participates in engineering, devops, security, data science/machine learning, product, and technical direction. Some claim that he derives his power for good from his mighty beard.