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Join the Machine Learning for Humans Facebook Group

April 5, 2018 @ 10:49 AM | Announcements, Community

We are slowly and surely building up something special to support you on your journey of navigating machine learning: the Machine Learning for Humans Facebook Group. Join us!

Not your typical ML group

The Machine Learning for Humans Group is a space for humans to congregate about machine learning. We invite students, teachers, hobbyists, developers, hackers, creators, and anyone else interested in the subject to join.

Group members are encouraged to:

  • Ask and answer questions
  • Share helpful resources
  • Contribute thoughts
  • Network with peers
  • Listen to others
  • Learn from others

This group isn't your typical machine learning group - you don't need a doctorate to be a member; it's inclusive of all skill levels and backgrounds. All we ask is that you are curious and have an open mind. We started it because there is a lack of communities that support novice machine learners.

Robots aren't the future - we are

Yes, robots will be a part of our lives at some point in the future but ultimately we will shape what that looks like in our respective fields. Report after report reveals that machine learning success is hinging on the involvement of domain experts (yes, that's you) in the research and implementation process. We should support each other on this journey of navigating machine learning. What better way to start then in the Machine Learning for Humans Group?!

You can join the group here where you will find more details, group guidelines, resources, and information about events.

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