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Introducing the Nexosis Machine Learning API

July 18, 2017 @ 11:01 AM | Announcements

Introducing the Nexosis Machine Learning API

We are excited to announce that the Nexosis Machine Learning API has officially launched! The Nexosis API lets you combine your historical data with multiple outside sources to give you a unique and accurate view of the future like never before. We are proud that it is the only machine learning API built for developers, by developers. Read about why it's awesome below.

The first machine learning API for developers

The Nexosis API gives developers access to our machine learning platform. The platform solves complex time series problems with cutting edge machine learning algorithms. Its current capabilities are:

  • Forecasting API - Take your historical time series data and predict what's next. 
  • Impact analysis API - Analyze your historical time series data to determine the impact of internal and external factors.

Want to use our API for forecasting or impact analysis, but need some inspiration? Here are some sample industry use cases and examples of how we've used it to get you started.

Features that make our API easy to love

  • Automated - Our platform automatically selects the best model to give you the best results for your machine learning application. 
  • Easy to use and learn - Getting started is as easy as collecting your data, sending it to us, and getting predictions or impact analysis back.
  • Scalable - Whether you are running a single impact analysis or a bunch of predictions, we're ready to go.
  • Secure - We understand that your data is core to your business so our team has you covered with security experts.
  • Innovation friendly - Getting started with our API is not only easy, it's cheap so start playing without worrying about your wallet. 

Explore API documentation and more

We know you are probably wondering how to get started. Visit our documentation site to find API guides, tutorials and all API clients.

Does this is all sound awesome to you? We hope so because it does to us! Developers can get started for free by signing up below. Integrate with our API in seconds and start building the next big application that's powered by machine learning.

Ready to start building machine learning applications?

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