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How We Are Fostering a Developer Community

August 2, 2017 @ 7:06 PM | Musings

How We Are Fostering a Developer Community

As our API user base continues to grow, fostering a developer community is of the utmost importance to us to ensure a positive user experience and that everyone succeeds with our API. Over the last couple of months we have been forming a team of experts dedicated to this initiative.

Customer success is key

The purpose of the Customer Success role is to make customers as successful as possible using our API. Because we launched our API a couple weeks ago, Leah, our Head of Customer Success, has been speaking with our current API users and collecting product feedback to be used to improve the API. She pays close attention to customer questions so she can create API guides and documents. Her ultimate goal is to learn specific API use cases and share them to empower users to feel confident and comfortable with our API.

Before we move on, we want to point out an important aspect of Customer Success: it is a proactive role, while Customer Service and Account Management have historically been reactive type roles. We believe that proactiveness will be key to fostering a thriving developer community.

Brand new community roles

We are really, and we mean really, excited about some of the new roles we recently hired for. We will soon have a Developer Evangelist who will partner, teach, and challenge developers to think creatively about how machine learning can be leveraged to change the world. Guy Royse will be be our new Developer Evangelist and will be actively involved in both local and national developer communities. He will build and grow the Nexosis community by doing things like being the voice of Nexosis in public forums, educating developers by attending or creating meetups and hackathons, networking with developers to help them succeed, and gathering product feedback to inform company decision-making. Guy will be a big part of cultivating a Nexosis API community.

We will soon have a Developer Evangelist who will partner, teach, and challenge developers to think creatively about how machine learning can be leveraged to change the world.

Another community role we are invested in is a Developer Advocate, who is meant to keep our developers informed, empowered and passionate about what they can accomplish with our API. Tim Falls, who has worked for SendGrid and most recently Keen IO, is doing some community consulting for us on the West Coast. He has a proven track record of empowering developer communities to succeed. He is also very passionate about ensuring communities are inclusive and diverse, which is also our goal. Check out his post on Medium, "Are you a developer evangelist and didn't know it?"

The future is bright

Bottomline is that the steps we're taking today will lay the groundwork for a successful community initiative in the near future. Right now we define our community by developers who want to leverage the power of machine learning in their software applications. We welcome all programming experience levels. If you are interested in machine learning join our API community and we will make sure you succeed. We are excited to see the creative ways developers will use our API and are also anxious to learn and improve from feedback.

Our future is bright and so is yours because we are investing in amazing community experts who want you to succeed with our machine learning API. 

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