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Eight Days, Four Meetups

March 6, 2018 @ 2:02 PM | Events

8-Days-4-Meetups Source: Evelyn Van Til Twitter

Guy has been busy talking. Not just to us, but to all of you at the many tech meetups in Columbus! He recaps his week that was partly made possible by caffeine and pizza (and machine learning).

What a week! Well, a week plus one. Over the last week and a day, I spoke at four meetups here in Columbus. We have lots of great meetups and I think I spoke at nearly all of them. Not really. We actually have scads. But, it was still a lot of busy nights and, given the quantity, I thought it might be neat to talk about my experience and share some of the stuff I learned.

Monday: Columbus Ruby Brigade

On Monday I spoke at the Columbus Ruby Brigade and presented Machine Learning for Gamers: Dungeon Forecasts & Dragon Regressions. In this session, I talked about some of the types of problems you can solve with machine learning using fun Dungeons & Dragons examples. It's been a well-received talk in the past, and the 40-odd folks at Columbus Ruby Brigade received it well. I got lots of good questions and fun banter about the merits of DnD5e vs. Pathfinder.

The folks who host CRB, CoverMyMeds, have a wonderful event space and a fountain soda machine. I was delighted to discover it even had my favorite southern soda, Cheerwine. I drank too much of it after my talk and then didn't sleep well that night due to the excessive caffeine consumption. It was like I was 14 again!

Wednesday: Columbus JavaScript Usergroup

On Wednesday, I spoke at the Columbus JavaScript Usergroup. This group is always happy to schedule me a talk, but that's probably because I run it! The talk I gave was Machine Learning for Fun: Finding Bigfoot with the Nexosis API in which I demonstrate some of our API using the Bigfoot dataset of which I am so fond. About 40 folks showed up to see it and we actually ran out of pizza.

Our host, Pillar Technology, has a great event space that we've been using for years. It's in the historic Smith Brothers Hardware building, a repurposed brick and concrete warehouse from an older, more civilized time. They've always been supportive of the Columbus JavaScript Usergroup and so I just want to say thanks!

Thursday: Central Ohio .NET Developers Group

Thursday I did the Bigfoot talk again, but this time for the Central Ohio .NET Developers Group. This group is always well-attended and about 50 folks came out to see my talk that night. ICC hosted the event and the food they provided was muy tasty. Usually, meetups just provide pizza and pop, but ICC fed us Mexican food instead. A nice change of pace!

Monday: Columbus Scala Enthusiasts

The Columbus Scala Enthusiasts is a small but ahem enthusiastic group of Scala developers. I presented the Bigfoot talk for them as well on Monday night but provided them with some examples that use the Java client library instead of just relying on Postman. Since Scala is a JVM language, the Java client to our API is something that they could certainly make use of.


  • These groups always and I mean always need speakers. If you're interested in speaking about Ruby, JavaScript, .NET, or Scala, by all means, reach out to the organizers. They'll appreciate it.

  • The Bigfoot talk is more enjoyed by the audience. While it's more of a straight-up product talk, it's funnier and more technical. Devs like the crunchy bits and everyone likes to laugh.

  • The Dungeons & Dragons talk is desperately needed. There are a lot of developers who are vaguely worried about machine learning and how it will affect their careers. So, they dive into the how before learning the what and the why. This talk helps them understand the what and the why so their efforts at how can be more successful.

  • Manage your caffeine, Guy. The Cheerwine wasn't the only night I over-caffeinated.

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Guy Royse

Guy is one of our developer evangelists at Nexosis. He spends his days sharing with developers why our API is so great and his nights reminiscing about Hogwarts and dreaming of retiring to his dream job: Santa Claus.