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Classifying Twitter Sentiment

February 8, 2018 @ 4:55 PM | Technical, Use Cases

Jeff looks at tweet data related to airlines to demonstrate how to classify sentiment with text data.

We’re going to look at tweet data related to airlines to demonstrate how to work with Text type fields in your data. This dataset was originally provided as part of a Kaggle competition, but I have made a modified version available in our samples directory so that you can follow along.

I’ll also be using Postman to interact with the API, so you’ll want that to follow along too. I highly suggest using our Postman templates. Finally, you’ll need your own API Key, which you can find in the developer portal after you sign up.


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Jeff Gabriel

Jeff is our VP of Engineering at Nexosis; which means he wears whatever hat is appropriate for the daily task. Generally, he seeks to improve the speed and quality with which our engineers deliver value to our customers through our platform.