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Reaction: 59 Impressive Things AI Can Do Today

March 9, 2017 @ 9:48 AM | Industry News

Gamers beware - turns out AI can absolutely nail Super Mario. Business Insider recently published an article about 59 impressive things AI can do today. We summarized it by choosing our favorite things and hope you enjoy. 


So AI is expected to perform any intellectual task a human can by 2050 (no big deal), but what about right now? If emojis are your choice of self expression and you're curious about what AI can do today, this article is a good read. Ed Newton-Rex uses emojis to summarize 59 surprising, scary and pretty mundane tasks AI is currently capable of. We shrunk the list to our favorites and unfortunately cut out AI kicks butt in Super Mario. 


  • team of  pharmacist chemist woman and man  group  standing in pharmacy drugstore.jpegDiscover new uses for existing drugs - A startup uses algorithms that understand the anatomy of cells to scale disease research.
  • Paint a pretty good Van Gogh - The art world may be jealous AI can paint a decent version of "Starry Night."
  • Spot burglars in your home - The Canary security system "stalks" you to learn your routine and detect trouble in your home. 


  • Students taking exams in exam hall in college.jpegBeat 75% of Americans in a visual intelligence test - If AI already performs above average on tests, what's stopping it from outscoring everyone by 2050?
  • Predict social unrest 5 days before it happens - Imagine being able to predict societal instability. AI does for the CIA. 
  • Become agressive - AI is a sore loser. Its ability to learn not-so-pleasant human emotions is a little frightening. 


  • Cucumbers.jpegSort cucumbers - This one is for all the people who have way too many cucumbers...to sort?
  • Play soccer badly - If you're not very good at soccer, it's no problem because AI will make you feel like a pro.
  • Lip read better than humans - AI is apparently a buzz kill that intercepts secret conversations across the room.

The AI Nexosis uses isn't surprising, scary or mundane. It saves retailers time and money by recognizing patterns in POS data faster than you can say "artificial intelligence."

Read the full article. 

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