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2017 VentureOhio Report Released

June 9, 2017 @ 11:21 AM | Press


Photo source: ventureohio.org

VentureOhio's annual VentureReport takes a detailed look at Ohio investment activity and the people and companies putting Ohio on the map. We are honored to be featured as a leading artificial intelligence Ohio startup.

To create the report, VentureOhio collected investment activity surveys from angel and venture funds who invested in an Ohio company in 2016. The report also highlights Ohio's history and is a reminder that it has been a leader in innovation for over a century. Companies such as Procter & Gamble and Goodyear were started here in the 1800’s and are still leaders in innovation. P&G originally coined the term “Internet of Things” and Goodyear is working with NASA to build technology that allows us to explore Mars. 

Some significant numbers from the report:

  • 210 Ohio companies recieved venture investments
  • $470M venture funding across all investment stages
  • 26% increase in venture investments from previous year
  • 46% increase in venture investments from previous two years
  • 53 in-state investors made investments in Ohio
  • 117 out-of-state investors made investments in Ohio

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