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Nexosis @ Work & Play

API Updates

New API Endpoints: Column Statistics and Feature Importance

March 19, 2018

Nexosis API users can now get column statistics and feature importance.

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Industry News, Musings

Reaction: Getting Value from ML Isn’t About Fancier Algorithms — It’s About Making It Easier to Use

March 14, 2018

We react to an article that argues the need for easier model deployment outweighs the need for better algorithms.

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Release Notes

Version SSO, Feature Importance and distribution stats

March 13, 2018

New Features: New authentication system with expanded SSO capabilities; Return feature importance pre-scores for forecasts; Return Mahalanobis distance calculations for anomaly detection algorithms; Added implicit sorting inside some API responses; API allows CSV uploads for model predictions;

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Classification Scoring Metrics

March 8, 2018

In a previous post, Danna explained confusion matrices. Now she discusses common classification scoring metrics.

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Eight Days, Four Meetups

March 6, 2018

Guy has been busy talking. Not just to us, but to to all of you at the many tech meetups in the Columbus area!

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