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Nexosis @ Work & Play

Nexosis @ Work & Play

Nexosis @ Work & Play

Use Automation to Make the Most of Your Day

Life is short. Make your days more productive by automating mundane tasks.

What Kids Can Do to Get Ahead in Technology

We developed a list of cool (at least we think so) activities and tools that help kids get ahead in technology.

What's Hidden in Your POS Data?

A scantily staffed store floor during an unexpected lunch rush never goes well. Insights in your POS data can help you schedule more efficiently.

Reaction: Even with AI, People Are Still the Driving Force of Innovation

Artificial intelligence can't thrive without humans. Consumers are now smarter about technology and social impact, which is changing the way we innovate.

Reaction: Artificial Intelligence Completed 360,000 Hours of Finance Work in Just Seconds

If you're like us, you look at the clock on Mondays and wonder where the time went. Get that time back with artificial intelligence.

Reaction: 59 Impressive Things AI Can Do Today

Too many cucumbers? No problem. Artificial intelligence can sort them for you and do a bunch of other things you'd never suspect.

New Employee Spotlight: Evan Huddleson

Meet Evan Huddleson, our new Sales Executive.

Synopsis: Understanding the Differences Between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Impress your co-workers by learning the differences between artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.

New Employee Spotlight: Joe Volzer

We're growing and proud to introduce you to Joe Volzer, our newest Data Scientist.

2017 Nexosis Hackathon

What moves the needle for your business? We hack.

Why Aren't There More Women in Technology?

When women work, they invest on average 90% of their income back into their families. Imagine the possibilities if more women were coding today.

SaaStr Annual 2017 Recap

Some of the Nexosis team and 10,000 other software professionals made the trip out to San Francisco to attend SaaStr Annual 2017. Read what we learned.

A Sit Down with Marketing

Without marketing no one would know what Nexosis does. I spoke to the brain behind the operation, Eric Dunne, about what he does all day and why he loves it.

The Importance of Your Inventory-to-Sales Ratio

The inventory-to-sales ratio is a key performance indicator of whether or not inventory is overstocked. How do you stack up against these retail averages?

Analytics Buzzwords Debunked

Artificial intelligence and business intelligence are the same thing, right? Nope. We want to set the record straight.

A Sit Down with Engineering

We sat down with our engineers and found out more about their day-to-day and what makes them love what they do.

Key Takeaways from the 2017 National Retail Federation Convention & Expo

The 2017 National Retail Federation Convention was so big that it took us nearly a week to summarize our notes. Here are our key takeaways.

Talk Like a Data Scientist eBook

Download Nexosis' free eBook, Talk Like a Data Scientist. Learn basic machine learning concepts and realize the potential it has to drive profitability.

What are Autoregressive Models?

Autoregressive models are a fundamental class of time series models.

Target + Techstars Open Applications for Second Wave of Startups after Year-One Success

On the heels of the successful first Target + Techstars retail accelerator, we opened applications for a second round of the program yesterday.

What is Trend?

Discovering trends in data is crucial for making accurate forecasts.

What is Seasonality?

Seasonality affects our purchase patterns. Learn how we detect it and why it matters.

The Bias & Variance Trade-off

Our data scientist breaks down what makes a good model and how to avoid two sources of error.

Tech startup sees lots of opportunities ahead

One of Westerville's most rapidly growing companies is preparing for even more expansion, thanks to a multimillion-dollar bump in funding.

What is MAPE?

What's MAPE? Find out with our data scientist as he explains what it is and why it's important.

Nexosis Closes $5 Million Seed Funding Round

Nexosis has closed its latest round of funding. Revel Partners led the round and was joined by Techstars Ventures and iNovia Capital.

What Is Time Series Data?

What is time series data and why is it so important to choose the right model?

No Ohio VC firms invested in Nexosis' $5M round – here's why founder says that's good for Ohio

All five venture funds that invested in the $5 million round that Nexosis Inc. closed last week are from outside Ohio and that's good for Ohio.

Retail forecasting startup Nexosis raises another $5M

Nexosis Inc., a data analytics startup that helps retailers and restaurants forecast how much inventory to stock has closed a $5 million seed round.

The Accidental Startup

Nexosis' founders give a little history lesson about how we started.

What Are Residuals?

What's residual and what's an error? Find out with a data scientist as he explains the difference and why it matters.

A Sit Down with Customer Success

We sat down with Leah Sevey to hear first hand how she creates success for our company and customers.

Top 50 Retail Tech Startups Worldwide

Insider Trends pulled together a list of the top 50 retail tech startups in the world right now.

What is a Linear Model?

Our data scientist dons his nerd hat and explains linear models and when and why to use them.

What is Regression?

Our data scientist explains regression and what it's good for.

Sitting Down with Data (Scientists)

We sat down with our data scientists and found out more about their day-to-day and what makes them love what they do.

Training Set vs. Test Set

Our data scientist discusses the differences between training and test sets and why it matters.

Cincinnati hosts 2016 FounderCon, Highlights Ohio’s Growing Startup Scene

More than 600 entrepreneurs from across the country converged in Cincinnati for the sixth annual FounderCon, put on by Techstars business accelerator.

Machine Learning for All

Our first, proud steps to democratizing machine learning…

Columbus entrepreneurs must be 'absolute driving force' of ecosystem, startup founder says

Nexosis co-founder is joining the chorus calling for more leadership from Central Ohio entrepreneurs to support and grow the startup community.

Why Machine Learning Matters

Learn how machine learning works and why it matters.

How startup accelerators made the difference for four Columbus companies

Four Central Ohio entrepreneurs who graduated this fall from out-of-state accelerators poised for success.

Techstars: Summary

A quick summary of what Nexosis learned at Techstars this summer.

What is Causal Inference?

Our data scientist defines and explains what causal inference is and why it matters not only to machine learning but to your business.

Uncovering the Effect of a Promotion

A group of franchisees were taking part in a national promotional campaign but were unable to determine if the promotion was working and by how much.

Five Takeaways From The First Target + Techstars' Demo Day

Target + Techstars startups focused on some of the most important areas of business today: big data, experiential retail, the Internet of Things, bots, SaaS, machine learning, artificial intelligence and healthy foods.

Video: Our Demo Day Pitch

Watch the video of our demo day pitch.

Review: Target Techstars Demo Day

The Fung Global Retail & Technology team attended the first Target + Techstars Demo Day. Each company founder presented to entrepreneurs, investors, and media.

Startups Make the Pitch of a Lifetime: Your Peek Inside Target + Techstars’ Demo Day

Eleven startups—dreamers, doers, and makers—took the stage in front of nearly 1,000 people for Demo Day for the Target + Techstars Retail Accelerator.

Target's first tech incubator with Techstars already hatching tangible results

Target Corp.’s first experiment in sponsoring a tech incubator has already produced tangible results.

Westerville Machine Learning Start-up Completes Retail Accelerator

Nexosis concludes three-month accelerator; announces private beta launch and direct integration with eCommerce platform Shopify.

Techstars: Demo Day Awaits

Techstars Demo Day is upon us. We look forward to the future and a big announcement with thankfulness for how we got here.

Techstars: Week 12

Techstars Week 12 meant not enough time, BBQ, and Mall of America.

Techstars: Week 11

Week 11 at Techstars brought pitch practice, the Canadians, and dark circles under our eyes.

Techstars: Week 10

Week 10 of Techstars brought panic, Seth Levine and Brad Feld, Target mingling and a boat!

Techstars: Week 9

Nexosis gets friendly with PowerPoint, the other Techstars teams and endless spreadsheets.

Give First, Get Surprised

Nexosis' CEO, Ryan Sevey, talks about the surprising part of the Give First mantra.

Techstars: Week 8

Nexosis learns to schedule pilots, proof of concepts, and partnerships, as well as why giving back first works.

Techstars: Week 7

Nexosis learns to not dance, love ice cream, meet the mayor, and sit through baseball.

Techstars: Week 6

Nexosis is halfway done with Techstars and that means meetings and mayhem as we count down to Demo Day.

Techstars: Week 5

Nexosis on the move, on the phone, with sponsors and investors.

Techstars: Week 4

Nexosis rediscovers purpose, hits the Mississippi, hosts some shindigs and gets the once over from the Target people.

Techstars: Week 3

Nexosis throws a party. Mentors, mentors and more mentors. A bad pun at the end.

Techstars: Week 2

Mentor madness begins. Nexosis arrives in style. We meet with many people. We eat ice cream. We sit int he hot tub.

Increasing forecast accuracy to boost revenue by over $300,000

Independent Pepsi bottling company boosts revenue by $300,000 by partnering with Nexosis for increased forecasting accuracy.

Techstars: Week 1

Brief musing on what we are learning about at Techstars this week.

Daily store-level sales predictions with a 94.4% certainty

Zipscene partnered with Nexosis to uncover daily store-level sales predictions with a 94.4% certainty

Company makes list for accelerator

A Westerville technology company could be in for rapid growth after being chosen as one of just 10 companies in Target's Techstars Accelerator.

Target picks Westerville data mining startup for retail tech accelerator

Nexosis is spending the summer in Minneapolis in the first Target + Techstars retail accelerator program, which provides mentors to help grow businesses.

Announcing the 2016 Class of Techstars Retail, in Partnership with Target in Minneapolis

Announcing the 2016 Class of Techstars Retail, in Partnership with Target in Minneapolis

Tech Talk: Nexosis plans to solve a trillion-dollar problem

Westerville-based startup Nexosis is trying to solve a trillion-dollar problem globally when it comes to waste from overstock and need from understock.

Nexosis Helps Businesses Make Smart Decisions

Nexosis is using machine learning to reduce these errors before they happen, helping make businesses smarter with more accurate demand forecasting.

Nexosis: From Idea to Concept Academy to Customers in Less Than 6 Months

Nexosis founders’ know-how and research, with a small touch of good fortune, accelerate the company’s success.